A Writer’s Dream and the Writing Process

Amalfi Coast Photo by Margie MIklas

Writers all have their own preferences for writing.  Some write early in the morning, some write at night, and most of the good ones write every day. It’s all part of the writing process. Here’s how this  writer achieved her dream by following her writing process.

Margie writing process Photo by Margie MiklasPositano on the beautiful Amalfi  Coast finishing up Critical Cover-Up, my first novel.

Writing in Positano - wRITING PROCESS Photo by Margie MiklasColors of Naples and the Amalfi Coast. I think it’s more than a coincidence that after I finished that book , I chose the Amalfi Coast as the place to find my inspiration to complete writing the first draft of  Critical Cover-Up.

Writing my first draft is now complete and  I have begun the first rewrite, another part of the writing process. After completing this lengthy process, i can say I have finished the second draft. My manuscript is in the hands of four beta readers, whose feedback will be invaluable to me, as I review it and continue with the rewriting process and  the third draft. After that I will hand it over to my editor who will send it back to me to make more changes and start the fourth draft. All part of the writing process. A good editor and award-winning author once told me to expect to write at least five drafts before publishing a book. At first I though she was crazy  but I have since learned that she was right.

I’ll then be working on my cover, collaborating with an expert I know and trust. I plan to release  my book as an e-book as well as a paperback edition, and it will be available on Amazon.com  as well as in the UK and other countries.

If all goes well I am hoping  for a spring release date, so definitely stay tuned for more updates.

Enjoy a few more photos from my inspiring place in Italy. All I have to do is see these images and I feel completely relaxed.