Are You Chasing Diets…Again? – Dr. Lisa Ortigara Crego

Are You Chasing Diets…Again?

“We must make the change we wish to see.

             ~ Mahatma Gandhi


It seems every call for psychotherapy treatment I get as of late is for weight loss, body image, binge eating or some variance of an eating disorder with food addiction at the helm. And tucked within each of these is a quest to launch a particular diet plan to “fix” it once and for all. Last year at this time everyone and their mother was on Keto. All I heard was Keto this and Keto that.

But this year it’s diet pills, Yep, diet pills. I remember when I chased diets in my teen years and diet pills were my go to helper. Needless to say, they worked short term leaving me anxious, pimple faced, and heavier than when I started once I ceased using them. The argument I get today is how the diet pill is going to help them get started. You know, a reset…just for a little while then I’ll go back to my healthy eating

My position remains firm, how you release weight is how you need to continue to eat to maintain weight. Yes, you read that right, it’s not ever going to be add in this or that once you reach your “goal” weight because if you do that you’ll be right back where you started. But caution must be in place because if you restricted to lose weight then that’s how you maintain and of course that’s NOT what we want to do because that’s dysfunctional behavior. What we want is a healthy, natural plant that includes a wide variety of real foods. No gimmicks…just real food to be eaten at regular intervals. Slow and steady wins the race. You don’t have to jump on the diet wheel, really.

The answer is basic common sense, but most of us think there’s some real secret to this and there’s not. It’s three balanced meals, a half meal, moderate daily exercise, and drink lots of water. Yes, that’s it. You don’t have to take diet pills or fall for diet shenanigans to release weight.

As of late, several patients got looped into Phentermine, which promises quick, easy weight loss. Great, but what happens when you quit?  I ask. And the response is nearly identical with everyone, Oh, my stomach will shrink and I’ll eat less and have habits in place. No, you won’t. When you quit the rage of hunger resurfaces and bam the bingeing  and diet chatter begins. I know this first hand as I thought and tried the same thing.

Yeah okay…let’s see how it works for you because I know the drill.  Your promise was the promise I made so many times only to dive head first back into my binge-eating life. Never  once did it work long term. The only guarantee with diet pills is you will get jittery, moody, anxious, and lose your appetite–at first and then you’ll become ravenous and you know where that takes you, right into the deep binge.

Like the ongoing dieters, I too jumped on and off the diet train more times than I care to admit, but after a while I realized  it wasn’t going to help  me make lifestyle changes, a new relationship to food, and join the health conscious world for good. It was a temporary pass to thin. This is not to say this is all hopeless because surely it’s not. There is a way out, let me show you how to identify some of the avoidable mistakes so that you can virtually guarantee your weight loss and release of food addiction that will get relegated to a success story. See the mistakes from a diet hopper, food addict perspective below:

                                Diets Don’t Work Long term…

Six Diet Promises to Avoid

  1.     DIET CENTER  HOPPER Mary joined every weight loss center known to mankind with white knuckle determination and gritted teeth. She was going to lose the weight no matter what. And, of course, the no matter what turned  into another failure.  Whatever food program you lose weight with is the very same one you will maintain with. If you can’t figure out how to make the “diet” doable for everyday life, you’re probably not on the right food program for a food addict.

2.     DIET BOOKS Although hundreds of diet books line the shelves of bookstores, virtual and brick and mortar, It’s close to impossible to eradicate every single little mistake in the diet that was not intended for long periods of time. But what’s not really forgivable are promises that you can eat large chunks of milk chocolate daily and a glass of wine with dinner once you reach a certain level in the program. A true food addict cannot indulge even a small morsel of sweetened chocolate (The key word is sweetened as in sugar) and succulent red wine (as in alcohol) or they’re crashing. A cocaine addict wouldn’t have just a small smidgen of coke once they reached “maintenance” now would they? Of course not!

3.   DIET FADS Start eating cookies today and lose weight! Yes, YOU read this right you can eat cookies and lose weight. Eat one cookie for breakfast, one for lunch, and a reasonable dinner, and you too can be thin. Diet fashionistas are the perfect candidates to lure to fad diets. The food addict begs, steals, and bargains, promising after this one last binge to never binge-eat again. So offer the cookie diet to the desperate dieter and she’s roped in! But the truth be told, after lured, in a short period of time, after the “honeymoon”  has passed, the binge eating resumes. We are addicts and require real food every four to five hours and must avoid sugar, flour, and wheat to prevent a relapse, so fad diets must be avoided—they don’t work—not ever.

4.     30 POUNDS OFF IN ONE MONTH DIET Yep, you too can lose 30 pounds in 30 days! Everyone’s winning at their weight loss with our nutritious packed boxed meals. All “gourmet” meals are prepared for you to take the guess work out of preparation. Yeah right.A food addict first would starve as there isn’t enough food in the small box and second, a food addict would go into a full-blown binge because boxed foods are notorious for hidden sugar, flours, and wheat.

5.     ERRORS OF IGNORANCE  Of course you think this time will be different when you go on the “miracle diet” because you are determined NOW. And you’re convinced the special grapefruit concoction, with Brazilian leaves proven to drop weight while you sleep, is a perfect fit for you. Trust me, there is no magical concoction of leaves, plastic suits that enhance sweat, or any other doohickey that works long term. It simply doe not exist not now—not ever. I swear!

6.    THE HARD SELL Dante’s juicer is proven to cure you of all illness and restore your body to the size when you were a teenager. Millions of satisfied customers are now wearing bathing suits and win the lotto too.   Not.  There is no quick fix.

The Truth

A change of lifestyle, attitude, and a turn toward a Higher Source you have a good chance of success at your weight loss and releasing food addiction.

When I say higher source I mean what ever spiritual connection you subscribe to. It could be the earth and nature, or the Bible, or Koran, or whatever is right for you.

Yes, no doubt there are tons of promises of weight loss on every corner billboard, magazine, late night television commercial and broadcast on radio signals around the globe.

But before I released excess weight for good and became an addiction psychologist,  certified as an eating disorder specialist (CEDS), I toiled nearly three decades making one “diet” mistake after another before realizing what makes a winner at weight loss and recovery and what keeps a person tied to diet mentality committing one diet error after another.

It’s your turn to stop going through the revolving door of failed diet plans and this time take charge, make a permanent step towards winning and put to rest the vast array of diet mishaps.

Are you jumping on and off diets? Do diets really work? What is the right path for you? What diet book did you last read? Are you chasing the newest diet pill fad? Do you find you get roped into the BIG promise only to get let down. I’d love to hear from you, even if you don’t agree.

Stay tuned…you never know where my mind will wander to next…  

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Hugs to you, I care!

Dr. Lisa


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