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Are You Frazzled?

It’s Time to De-frazzle
Are you stressed and overwhelmed with the holiday season in full bloom? Every year I promised myself this year will be unlike previous years. I’ll get organized and for once I won’t be in a full blown frenzy. And then I freaked. Well, this year was one of those years that I said,  “I got this,” this year will be different—or so I thought. Wrong!

In November I was in the process of launching my newest book, Release Your Obsession with Diet Chatter, part of my Release Your Obsession Series, and everything was moving along swiftly. The book was in the formatting process, cover was set and the entire big launch was planned for some time mid-November. Right about that same time I was summoned to teach an Online Capstone course for DeVry University, where I’ve been a Visiting Professor for the past 13 years teaching a blended format but not a totally online course. How hard could that be?

I jumped in with 40 students while still working full time in my private practice and a book about to be released. All hell broke loose. I was working 17 hour days with zero time to promote my beloved book on how to quiet the drunken monkeys that rummage in our heads, while my own monkeys were stirring. Oh did I mention this is all going on while the holiday season was upon us?

Living a Stress-Free Life
Stress began to take over….heart pounding and worry set in as I recalled an article I recently stumbled upon, Tips to Support a Low Stress Lifestyle: These very same tips confirmed what I talked about, and personally practiced for years in my practice with patients and then in my book and here it was again staring me in the face the very same words. It made me realize sometimes we help others and forget to help ourselves. It’s sort of like the doctor treating patients with a flu bug giving them a list of “to-do’s all the while they practice coughing and sniffling.

The article, Tips to Support a Low Stress Lifestyle points out stress affects everybody from time to time, even someone like me who just wrote a book on how to stop all the incessant negative “diet” chatter that many of us are trying to quiet especially during holiday times. The article admits it’s not easy to reduce stress but that practicing suggestions such as healthy eating, ample amounts of sleep, getting active, spending time outdoors, along with relaxation techniques such as breathing exercises, meditation, massage, to name a few, can lessen the anxiety and stress. I echo the very same suggestions in Release Your Obsession with Diet Chatter on ways to tame the drunken monkeys stirring in our heads.

I find these suggestions to be true starting with food. Practicing healthy eating, refraining from sugar, flour and wheat was one of the biggest changes I made nearly twenty years ago to quiet my binge eating disorder. The calm replacing the worriment was undeniable. Sleep became manageable when the anxiety-provoking foods were no longer part of the daily food plan. Walking is a staple every morning without fail in the outdoors with nature with my White Swiss Shepherd Southern Grace. Every other week massage therapy is a prescription for managing my could-be  high anxiety life.

2019 New Year Resolutions
So though I bit off way more than I can chew (no pun intended!) during this holiday season, it truly was manageable due to my healthy regiment that’s been in place for many, many years. Reading Tips to Support a Low Stress Lifestyle only re-confirmed what I know to be true. So, this holiday season as you prepare for the New Year of 2019 think about ways you can incorporate these suggestions into your life as well. And if you are struggling with an eating disorder, binge eat, or food addiction please check out my first book: Release Your Obsession with Food: Heal from the Inside Out. Or, if you are living with constant diet chatter in your subconscious mind check out my second book: Release Your Obsession with Diet Chatter: Heal from the Inside Out and quiet those little rascals once and for all.

What stress relievers do you work into your life? Do you find you have stress chatter dialogue as a constant companion in your thoughts? What would it be like to have a quiet mind and no food issues? Please share your thoughts, I’d love you hear from you.

Hugs to you—I care!

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