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Is the Chocolate Bunny Calling You?

We have the option to change our thoughts as well as our relationship with food…

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Do Diets Really Work?

Do diets really work or are they a never ending promise to deliver an option that doesn’t really exist?

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Are All Addictions the Same?

Addictions come in all sizes,colors and intensity. Ones struggles does not minimize another’s. When I expressed my addiction to sugar, such as Twinkies the alcoholic trying not to have another whiskey would flinch at such absurdity of comparing a Twinkie to whiskey – a he-man addiction.

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10 Ways to Increase the Release from Obsessive Eating

Every day is a new opportunity for you to eat nourishing foods…

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Hypnosis Relief from Obsessive Eating

Imagine hypnosis relief from obsessive eating and the ability to find peace and tranquility from stress….

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