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Weight Control NOT Dieting

Eating disorders no doubt are one of the most difficult of all disorders to treat. I know this first hand as I am in recovery from binge eating disorder, food addiction, and exercise bulimia.

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Release Your Obsession With Cheat DAZE

My goal for you is to live a contented life without disruptive cheat days.

Release Your Obsession with Cheat DAZE: Heal from the Inside Out  is for anyone trying to end the vicious cycle of continuous on-and-off dieting, especially surrounding festive occasions and long weekends. This is most definitely not a diet book or a get-skinny-quick kind of offering. That would be suggesting some sort of fad diet, which only enhances the chaotic diet behavior.

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Are You On The New Year Diet?

Do you feel you’re doing everything right, but your weight keeps increasing, and your night-before promise to yourself to start clean eating disappears by the end of the following day?

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Why Did You Write a Third Book?

Compulsive eaters most often don’t recognize they have sensitivities to certain foods but rather believe something is wrong with them when they can’t manage their food intake in “normal” amounts…

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New Year’s Resolution—Stop Dieting Start Eating!

There’s no such diet or trick or secret as losing 20, 40, 60 or whatever number of pounds you want to lose in a few short weeks and or months. Belinda’s 500 calorie diet sets her up for quick weight loss followed by quick weight gain. I know, been there done that a million times.

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