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Stop Chasing Diets—Start Chasing Health.

When the suggested way of eating says don’t eat this or don’t eat that, it may be of value, but when it gets to the point you can barely go out, or leave your comfort zone for fear of not getting your “right” foods, it’s most likely not a sustainable plan.

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Are Food and Mood Intertwined?

One way to eat that promotes a positive outcome with foods is the Mediterranean diet, hands down it’s overall, healthy, high-quality dietary pattern not only for promoting a more stable mood but also an overall reduction in chronic health conditions.

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13 Steps to Stop Procrastinating!

Are you self sabotaging with your tasks at hand? Maybe you call yourself lazy. If you are, stop that. There are many reasons to procrastinate such as inability to prioritize, fear of success, burnout, overwhelm…

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Healthy Body, Healthy Mind or Healthy Mind, Healthy Body?

Does the healthy body  create the healthy mind or perhaps the healthy mind creates the healthy body? Is it the chicken before the egg, or the egg before the chicken?

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Smile Your Way to Happy!

Laughter is powerful and healing. Smiling is contagious. Try smiling at everyone you see today and I promise if they’re looking at you, they’ll smile back.

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