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Are You Stuck in Sad?

Sometimes life has a way of changing our course, loved ones die or get sick. Marriages are confirmed—and marriages end. Perhaps many times love was found and lost. Life has a way of throwing us curves when we least expect it.

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Now What? Holiday Festivities, Sugar and Spice….

The representation is that if you don’t eat the “celebratory” foods, then you’re missing out on the holiday season. Your merriment won’t be quite on target with everyone else’s. So you eat. And eat. And eat some more,

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Dieting and Food Addicts

Mary joined every weight loss center known to mankind with white knuckle determination and gritted teeth. She was going to lose the weight no matter what.

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Thanksgiving, Binge Eating, and Leftovers

Holiday season for the food addict is like line after line of  cocaine, except it’s food. And with food on this festive foody kinda day it’s tough to abstain. Nobody would think to offer the recovered drug addict lines of cocaine, but little thought is given to the binge eater on this merry season. Heck, she/he should just “control” the food intake and eat in moderation. Sure!

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How to Break Free from Stress Eating

When in a funk it may not be realistic to think you can study or complete a chore at hand, but turning to a comedy or a movie that takes you away from reality can alter the way  you’re thinking and bring a light airy atmosphere leading you  back to your harmonic center. Change your thoughts change your mind works. Watching a movie that takes you away from your reality can be just the quick fix you need to bring you back to calm.

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