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Do You Still Count Calories?

Why the attraction to carbs? It’s because carbs are low in calories, and often can be low in fat as well. So it seems this might be just the food to eat a lot of, and yet reduce weight. Not so true.  Soon after consumption the dieter wonders why they are so ravenous and about to eat the kitchen sink because they’re so hungry.

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Eat Your Way Through Europe Without Cheat Days

My goal in this third book is to take the reader on a travel through various states and countries, along with festive occasions such has holiday time, vacation time, birthday, etc., and show you how to have a blast but not make the food your entertainment—or for that matter your event.

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How to Silent the Dieter’s Ever-Present Inner Chatter

So exactly what is mind chatter, and where the heck does it come from? Why inner chatter? What are we running from or avoiding? Is it coming from your mind, heart, gut—an outer source perhaps—or all of the above? Do we even know?

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Connection Through Disconnection

For many of us we are staring at a screen more awake hours than not. How is this impacting us? I can tell you first-hand I’m staring at a screen for ten hours at work, taking digital notes with patients, and at home in the early mornings and in the late evenings writing books and teaching students.

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Stop Chasing Diets—Start Chasing Health.

When the suggested way of eating says don’t eat this or don’t eat that, it may be of value, but when it gets to the point you can barely go out, or leave your comfort zone for fear of not getting your “right” foods, it’s most likely not a sustainable plan.

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