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Is Spiritual Recovery Necessary?

Spirituality shows no bias and no preference and is available to anyone who seeks.

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What’s Eating You?

What’s eating you? Could it be something is going on within that has nothing to do with food.

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What’s the Brain Got to Do with It?

A chemical dependency on food can be likened to a drug addict who becomes addicted to the high or euphoria….

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Why Are You Writing This Book?

Compulsive eaters most often don’t recognize they have sensitivities to certain foods but rather believe something is wrong with them when they can’t manage their food intake in “normal” amounts…

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Do I Have Binge Eating Disorder or Food Addiction—or Both?

If you look around I am certain you will see at every turn someone who binge eats. Do you? Millions of Americans are hiding, stealing, and hoarding food to secretly binge eat…

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