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Healthy Body, Healthy Mind or Healthy Mind, Healthy Body?

Does the healthy body  create the healthy mind or perhaps the healthy mind creates the healthy body? Is it the chicken before the egg, or the egg before the chicken?

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Smile Your Way to Happy!

Laughter is powerful and healing. Smiling is contagious. Try smiling at everyone you see today and I promise if they’re looking at you, they’ll smile back.

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Are You On The Monday Diet?

Do you feel you’re doing everything right, but your weight keeps increasing, and your night-before promise to yourself to start clean eating disappears by the end of the following day?

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Every Day a Good Day!

A chain reaction can ignite from one small kind gesture, handshake, smile, nod—a simple good deed can make a difference.

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Prayer and Meditation as Part of Daily Healing

Meditation is performed in quiet—with no agenda. In meditation, we spend some time in the spaciousness of not knowing.

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