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Managing Hypoglycemia, Food Addiction & Travel

Low blood sugar can occur in otherwise healthy persons who have not eaten in several hours. A quick treatment is eating foods high in simple sugars.

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Are You a Fan of Cheat-Days?

Why am I not on board with a “free” day of eating whatever you want? Because, this thought process turns into something other than the original format.

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Are You a Night Eater?

Night time eating has been linked to eating disorders such as binge eating.

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Is Social Media Getting to You?

Social Media reminds me of little troops of ants all going in one direction and then one ant gets distracted and turns off in a different direction to get a little crumb of something …

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Is Every Day a Day of Opportunity?

Every day is a new opportunity to make it a good day no matter what happened yesterday, last week or last year or a lifetime ago.

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