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A Writer Writes

I’m honored and thrilled to share with you a guest blog piece on the writing process with the very author, Margie Miklas. Yes, the very author that I carried her beloved book on her experience in Italy while I was beginning mine. 

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Are You Hungry…Really?

Okay, all this focus on this diet and that diet—to eat this and to eat that. But what if it’s not about what you eat and rather about what’s eating you? Could it be something is going on within that has nothing to do with food?

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Is Chocolate Calling You?

The price of giving up decadent chocolate for your life back is definitely worth all the preparation and vigilance put forth to break free from chocolate.

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The Fear of Aging

No matter how many nips and tucks and pounds lost and pounds gained you can’t run away from yourself.

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Weight Control NOT Dieting

Eating disorders no doubt are one of the most difficult of all disorders to treat. I know this first hand as I am in recovery from binge eating disorder, food addiction, and exercise bulimia.

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