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A day in the life of Dr. Lisa! I woke this morning at 7:00 to the sound of birds chirping and the sun blaring in through the cracks of the drapes…and my day began. After morning stretches, eight minutes of weight lifting, and meditation, I jumped on my bike and pedaled down Hollywood beach taking […]

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Why Can’t I Stop Eating?

So, you ask yourself,’Why can’t I stop eating?’ or ‘What’s wrong with me that I’m eating a huge amount of food—when I’m not even hungry?’ Did you ever consider you may have an eating disorder? Okay, it’s harsh to even consider the idea. Nobody wants to be “labeled” with a disorder. I get that. I […]

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What is Spirituality?

What is the experience of spirituality? My patients in treatment for various eating disorders often ask me this very question. The answer is not so easy, especially when spirituality is an individual experience—with no two exposures mirrored. Treatment for eating disorders is three-fold: physical, emotional and spiritual. Often the spiritual component is missing. Is it […]

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I spent last weekend alone at the beach house. I painted walked, sat on the dock, swam, read and biked. It was quiet in my mind and around me. Nothing but silence and Sage, my 75 pound German Shepherd who panted and looked at me with a quizzical nod as if to say, ‘Well, so […]

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Spirituality Inhibited by Active Binging

Spirituality Inhibited by Active Binging I discovered working with a small intimate group discussing recovery that Spiritual healing alone works if you aren’t dealing with a chemical imbalance. We all experienced a blockage from our spirituality when we were active in binge eating. We lived in a self-centered world and yet never ended up with […]

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