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Don’t Eat the Chocolate!

Don’t Eat the Chocolate! Seventeen years ago mom had a massive stroke on Easter weekend—somehow it seems almost like yesterday. Every Easter, too many to count, I loaded the car early Saturday mornings with son Benjamin and Oscar (my  Pug!) in tow and headed out on a four hour drive from Alligator  Alley  over Sunshine […]

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What Are You Struggling With…Let Me Help You…

Let Me Help You! This morning I was enjoying a leisurely bike ride while listening to Pat Flynn’s podcast, Smart Passive Income, where he talked about how often we don’t ask our blog readers what they’re struggling with, so now I ask you, “What are you struggling with?”…let me help you. I Once Weighed 234 Pounds… […]

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Binge Hoarding

Hoarding and Binge Eating What does hoarding and binge eating have to do with one another? Have you ever met a hoarder? Or maybe you personally hoard? Perhaps when you think of a hoarder visions of wall-to-wall stuff comes to mind—impossible to move about freely for fear things will start cascading down on you. Binge […]

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Obesity in America

Obesity in America Obesity continues to be a prevalent problem in the United States today. Because of the number of individuals affected, it is likely that most healthcare professionals will encounter patients in their practice who fight the battle of excess weight. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports from an article in the Journal […]

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The Beginner’s Guide to Release Your Obsession with Food

  The Beginner’s Guide to Release Your Obsession with Food Okay, so here we are once again with New Year’s resolution promises made—that this 2015 goal setting will somehow be different. With clenched jaws we are gonna darn well lose weight and get fit once and for all. Sound familiar? According to the University of […]

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