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Is it Time to Clear Your Space?

Is it Time to Clear Your Space? I flicked on the light, plugged in my fountain and oil lamp, opened the blinds to let the natural light in and rolled up my sleeves prepared to dig into my chore ahead.  Last week I resolved to clear out clutter in my office and open my work […]

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Lose Weight Through Hypnosis

Lose Weight Through Hypnosis? Really! Can a person lose weight through hypnosis? Yes, the answer is yes! Hypnosis isn’t new; it’s been around for centuries. The American Psychological Association identifies hypnosis as a cooperative interaction in which the participant responds to the suggestions of the hypnosis. It’s not uncommon to see hypnosis in a clinical […]

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New Concept in Weight Control Therapy

New Concept in Weight Control Therapy Last week I questioned if American’s are getting fatter and it seemed this may be the case based on statistics showing three quarters of Americans are overweight. Yet headlines scream new concept in weight control therapy with fad diets lining the shelf in any given bookstore, displayed on the […]

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Are Americans Getting Fatter?

Are Americans Getting Fatter? Statistics suggest Americans are an increasingly overweight population. According to an Associated Press article published in the Los Angeles Daily News, on September 23, 2010, “the ranks of the overweight have swelled to nearly 70 percent in the US . . .” And, “in ten years, a full 75 percent of […]

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Yo-Yo Dieting Isn’t Working!

Recognize Yo-Yo Dieting Isn’t Working There are so many promises to lose weight fast and easy but the truth be told a fast pace diet with long-term results simply does not exist. It’s time to recognize yo-yo dieting simply isn’t working. I’m often asked how I went from overweight to normal weight after years of […]

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