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Spiritual Food Vs. Whole Food

What would we expect of someone who feeds only on fast food and unhealthy snacks filled with sugar and fats? A healthy body? I think not. What about a long life? Of course not. We would expect physical health to decline as a result of the food intake. Is it any different with spiritual food? Could […]

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Obesity in America…

On an Oprah show I heard Mrs. Obama discussing the obesity epidemic in America and how change needs to take place, especially getting children to incorporate more exercise and healthy foods as part of their daily lifestyle. Great idea! But is it realistic? I can’t count how many families have sought my help with their children’s obesity. […]

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All I have seen teaches me to trust the Creator for all I have not seen.~Ralph Waldo Emerson What is an awakening? defines an awakening as a recognition, realization, or coming into awareness of something. I think of an awakening as being present—in the now. How often do you go through the motions of […]

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I’m a Food Junkie…

My first real summer job, at the age of 13, was at the local bakery in town in Wautoma, Wisconsin. Getting that job I’d thought I won the lottery ticket. I had access to the goods five days a week with little supervision. It was a Willie Wonka life—for real. I ate bakery from the […]

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Easter Day…

When I think of pale yellow daffodils with deep golden centers the first thought that pops into my head is Easter and spring time. The second thought is Lent. Today is Easter and Lent has come to a close. My Lenten plan was to go to church every Sunday and to be kind to everyone—no […]

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