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A Day at the Beach…

A Day at the Beach… Today was one of those incredible days. I took a long bike ride along the beach in total awe at the magnificent purple and peach hues peeking through the cluster of white clouds as a backdrop to the crisp shades of blue that twinkled off the sea. With each press […]

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Obesity in America…

On an Oprah show I heard Mrs. Obama discussing the obesity epidemic in America and how change needs to take place, especially getting children to incorporate more exercise and healthy foods as part of their daily lifestyle. Great idea! But is it realistic? I can’t count how many families have sought my help with their children’s obesity. […]

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Where is Spirit?

Where is spirit? Where do you find it? Do we all have a spiritual guide? A chapter in my manuscript discusses the impact of the ever presence of strong spirituality. With regards to compulsive eating, some believe without spiritual energy one is blocked from reaching their peak because the noise is too loud – telling […]

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Memories of Time Passed….

I was up early this morning walking along the beach and feeling so alive and connected to myself and beyond. I have walked this very beach over and over for the past 40-something years and it always tugs at my heart. I have so many memories of where I was and where I am. Last […]

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Chicago Bound…and Back….

I spent the past few days in Chicago. Today is my Dad’s 83rd birthday and he continues to work his empire. I am amazed at his strength, motivation, and continuous vision. Sitting on the plane with my handsome 20 year old son, headed for Chicago in honor of my father’s 83rd birthday, I found myself […]

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