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Do I Have Binge Eating Disorder or Food Addiction—or Both?

If you look around I am certain you will see at every turn someone who binge eats. Do you? Millions of Americans are hiding, stealing, and hoarding food to secretly binge eat…

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Release Your Obsession With Diet Chatter

I am happy to announce that my book, Release Your Obsession with Diet Chatter: Heal from the Inside Out is now available at Amazon and book stores near you. How It Came To Be Often, I’m asked how this book ever came into being, and I think the best answer is that after I wrote […]

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Help! Do I Have an Eating Disorder?

“Most powerful is he who has himself in his own power.” ~Seneca Have you ever gone back for an extra serving of food when you weren’t hungry? How about mindless eating between meals on occasion? I’m sure most of us at some time or another took an additional serving (or two) of food or ate […]

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Why Are You Writing This Book?

A few years ago I attempted to retain the services of an editor to assist me with the mechanics of my book on spiritual recovery from food addiction. The first question she asked me was, “Why are you writing this book?” Why? Hmmm. Well, I stammered through a sentence or two saying something to the […]

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Defining Moments

“It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.” ~Sir Edmund Hillary I awakened to the sound of the phone—ring after ring—I just want it to stop. I pulled the pillow over my ears and hunkered down deeper into the mattress, but it droned on and on beckoning me to answer. Barely awake, I glanced […]

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