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Why Are You Writing This Book?

Compulsive eaters most often don’t recognize they have sensitivities to certain foods but rather believe something is wrong with them when they can’t manage their food intake in “normal” amounts…

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Are You in a Post-Chocolate Fog?

Are you in a chocolate fog? Is chocolate addictive?

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A Getaway to Get Away…

Time to Rejuvenate Let’s Run Away… Once a month I take off to the West Coast of Florida for four days of nothingness built around meditation, reading, praying, writing, and walking or cycling along the seashore. I don’t go out to eat or run here or run there. No, I sit in quiet with the […]

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New Year’s Resolution: Stop Dieting and Start Winning in Weight Loss Control!

Mary, a fairly new patient, bolted through the waiting room sprinting to my office like she was running a 10 K marathon. Breathless, she plopped down sinking deep into my hunter green couch, perspiration trickling down her face, and announced, “I’m starting a 500 calorie diet to get rid of this weight once and for […]

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Thanksgiving, Binge Eating, and Leftovers

Be comforted dear soul! There is always light behind the clouds. ~Louisa May Alcott, Little Women Thanksgiving should be a day of thanks, a day of praise, a day of gratitude, but often for the food addict it’s a day of all out gobbling. Sure, there’s gratitude but it’s not in the front of the […]

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