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Are You Living Two Lives?

In order to release your obsession with negative diet chatter, you must be alert and subtly aware–yet at the same time still within…

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Are You in a Post-Chocolate Fog?

Are you in a chocolate fog? Is chocolate addictive?

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Are You “Jonesing” for Chocolate on Valentines Day?

Does Valentines Equal Chocolate Binge Eating? Every year without fail Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14 around the world. Did you know Valentine’s Day is NOT about eating chocolate but rather it is actually based on a true story? The Catholic’s religion recognizes several different saints named Valentinus and the actual saint celebrated on […]

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Why Are You Writing This Book?

A few years ago I attempted to retain the services of an editor to assist me with the mechanics of my book on spiritual recovery from food addiction. The first question she asked me was, “Why are you writing this book?” Why? Hmmm. Well, I stammered through a sentence or two saying something to the […]

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