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Prayer and Meditation as Part of Daily Healing

Meditation is performed in quiet—with no agenda. In meditation, we spend some time in the spaciousness of not knowing.

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A Getaway to Get Away…

Time to Rejuvenate Let’s Run Away… Once a month I take off to the West Coast of Florida for four days of nothingness built around meditation, reading, praying, writing, and walking or cycling along the seashore. I don’t go out to eat or run here or run there. No, I sit in quiet with the […]

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10 Ways to Increase the Release of Obsessive Eating

When I first started Dr. Lisa Weight Control Therapy Blog, I really didn’t have any goals or objectives. I just wanted a place to write my thoughts that didn’t fit the academic writing I’m trained for in addiction psychology. As such, I didn’t think I’d have too much of an audience in the beginning. I […]

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The Law of Higher Potential Rather Than New Year’s Resolution to Release Weight and Obsessions with Food

Are you starting another diet this year? Did you last year make a new year’s resolution to lose weight once and for all? How about committing to a healthier lifestyle? Did you promise yourself you would exercise or better yet you bought a fancy machine to work off excess weight starting January 1, 2012? We […]

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Revising Your Path to Releasing Your Obsession with Food…

Don’t you wish someone could tell you how close you are to finally resolving your weight issues and food obsession? Don’t you wish someone could say, “If you just keep at it and understand why you eat you’re certain to stop binge eating?” Or even if it would be heartbreaking, wouldn’t it be nice to […]

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