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Every Day a Good Day!

I was walking along the sea shore with my beautiful Southern Grace this morning, carrying a bag of poop. I was on the hunt for a garbage can, and to my surprise a nice looking fella reached out and said, “I’ll take that poop for you.” He was quite polite and very distinguished looking, not the sort to ask for my bag of dog feces. But, take it he did.

After marching on, with a smile still plastered on my face, my mind began to wander thinking about how little actions of kindness in life can make a huge difference.  A chain reaction can ignite from one small gracious gesture, handshake, smile, or nod. A simple good deed can make a positive impact touching many lives.

It may seem inconsequential, but it truly makes a difference when you “see” the person before you. Often we’re in such busyness we don’t pay attention to others.

The other day I was in Publix (A popular grocery chain-store in South Florida) unloading all my foods on the conveyor belt with intense focus on each item, without looking up. Later, I realized I did not acknowledge the cashier, nor did she acknowledge me.

Not once.

No “Hello, welcome to Publix!” or, “Did you find what you need?” She never made eye contact with me, nor I with her.


Who is at fault?

We’re both at fault.

Maybe she was having a tough day. Or maybe someone died—a friend, co-worker, or husband.

Maybe she felt sick, or had a huge bill looming over her head.

We never know the rest of the story where another is concerned especially if we don’t ask or pay attention. We don’t know. Often, we are all so involved in our own heads that we don’t think of another’s situation.

What does that say about natural interaction with others? It seems most of us our disconnected from people, places and things. We often are plugged into our phones reading social media posts, watching videos, or googling this or that—yet, we are not in the here and now.

You can make every day a great day. And guess what?  You can make someone’s day a great day too by connecting. A simple smile, nod, or kind word can make all the difference.

Why not?

How hard is it to ask someone, “How are you?” And really want to know. How often do you ask how someone is and the other person does not even respond, they just nod and you both walk away oblivious to whether things are okay or not.

Are you okay with this?


Well, perhaps we don’t really want to know if they’re okay. Nor do we want them to know if we’re okay.

Maybe we should take a step back and rethink this—because there is another way. We can regroup and really take interest and invest in others before us.

The great surprise, or the magical elixir, will be they’ll acknowledge you too. Maybe not the first time, and maybe not the second, but at some point they’ll realize you really want to know how they are—for real.

We can make great connections, and we can make every day a great day with a little intention.

After I loaded my stuff in the car, I turned around and went back in the store, picked up another carton of coconut milk and headed straight for the same cashier. This time I looked her straight in the eyes, once I got her attention by a quick hello, I asked her how her day was going. To my surprise, she reported her little boy was attending his first day of preschool…and she was a wreck.

I so got that! I told her about my youngest son’s first day at school and how he now is 30 and made it through just fine. We laughed and she felt lighter…more confident that her little boy would be just fine.

A simple gesture can go a long way….

Have you noticed you are not engaging with others? When was the last time you stopped and looked into the eyes of the person who served you? What words of advice can you offer? I’d love to hear from you…as would others too I’m sure. And if you are always warm and kind to others please teach us your wise behavior…we can learn from you.

Stay tuned…you never know where my mind will wander.

Hugs to you…I care!

Dr. Lisa

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