How Money and Calories Connect… – Dr. Lisa Ortigara Crego

How Money and Calories Connect…

Weight Control

I was sitting at my desk pondering a chapter for my upcoming book on releasing the obsession from food fests—fests meaning festivities such as birthdays, weekends, long weekends, holidays, traveling all passing the excuse to binge-eat, and my mind began to drift off to how much my life changed when I became debt free.

Hold the phone, you say, what the heck does money have to do with breaking free from celebration eating? Well, once upon a time I was broke. Yes, I mean so broke and so in debt I should have been shaking in the knees. For some reason I wasn’t. My inner self told me I’d find my way out.

And I did.


In 1998,  I began reading books on money, such as Richard Carlson’s, Don’t Worry, Make Money: Spiritual and Practical Ways to Create Abundance and More Fun in Life, and at the same time I became a disciple of Dave Ramsey reading his Total Money Make Over: A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness, and Stanley & Danko’s The Millionaire Next Door, along with Think and Grow Rich and many more that would take pages to write about. At the same time, I was working my way out of my food addiction—and somehow I began to blend similarities.

How, you might ask?

Well, I began to see that I was spending money on total junk foods and it was costing me a fortune. I was eating at every doughnut shop, stopping at the store to get a fix, and grabbing a coffee, laced with cream and sweetener and candy bars at every gas stop—and of course all went on the credit card with interest spinning in the background eating away at my money every second.

After reading money books, I began to understand that I wasn’t respecting my money. I had student debt nearing $300,00, plus a mortgage, car payment, credit card debt—knee deep up to my eyeballs in complete debt—and I was starting to regain the 100 pounds I’d lost because of out-of-control binge eating.

Spending & Eating

When I took a step back and began to look at my spending and my eating I had a click…an aha moment, realizing the two went hand-in hand and that if I worked on the money I’d probably get a grip on the food.

I did!

Journal Foods

I began to write down every morsel of food I was eating and every dollar I was spending—at the same time working on Dave Ramsey’s Snowball…paying down my smallest credit card and working my way up. In time, I saw light at the end of the tunnel. Every time I paid off a credit card I had that much more money to throw at the next card…on and on…until I got all cards paid off and then moved on to the car…then the STUDENT LOAN, which was enough to choke a horse. After nibbling away at the other debts, my money to throw at this debt became enormous. I lived poor so that I could live rich.

When I freed myself from the student loan I went all out and paid off the mortgage and to date I live debt free. Debt Free!! And my food bill is not enormous because I learned to buy real foods in bulk…and store them in the freezer and pantry and divvy them out in pre-made packages.

You can do this too.

Debt Free & Healthy

If you are drowning in debt, and your weight is climbing, take a step back and work towards eating clean and healthy and letting go of your debts and watch the magic happen. Buy books on managing money and learn to eat real foods and life gets a whole lot better.

And the funny thing is that when you practice working towards becoming debt fee, and then living debt free, you for real stay in the frugal way of living. But…when you want to go on that vacation, or you want to buy that piece of jewelry, or your ready for a new car, you buy it in cash and don’t feel the dent. You begin to live like no one else…

A favorite quote from Don’t Worry, Make Money: Spiritual and Practical Ways to Create Abundance and More Fun in Your life, “One of the most severely limiting beliefs that many of us have is that the person we were yesterday is the person we have to be today.” Not so. If you hang onto this type of belief system you will remain heavy, addicted to foods—and perhaps broke. It’s a self-defeating belief which goes against the self-love and self-care I speak of in my third book, which is due out late fall of 2019.

What do you think? Do you see a correlation between your consumed calories and your financial status? Examine close and see if there are ways to change your belief system. It’s not about how much money you make but rather about how much you save. And it’s not about how many calories you eat but rather how much quality foods you consume.

Let me know what you’re thinking? Do my words resonate any truths from your thoughts? I’d love to hear from you and learn from you. Even if you totally disagree, I’d still like you to share your thoughts—they’re important…

Stay tuned…you never know where my mind will wonder…

Hugs to you…I care!

Dr. Lisa

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