How Not to Think About the Chatter in Your Head About your Weight and Body Image – Dr. Lisa Ortigara Crego

How Not to Think About the Chatter in Your Head About your Weight and Body Image

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Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.

~ Albert Einstein


About a month ago I was invited to be a guest on Dr. Howard Rankin’s Podcast: How Not to Think, a podcast about thinking about your thinking, and how to move beyond your limitations. Last Monday the show was recorded and then released some days later.

The show I was featured on was: How to Think About …the Chatter in Your Head About Your Weight and Body Image. I was so excited to talk about reality which is often merely an illusion though persistent as Einstein states.  We talked about my books, particularly Release Your Obsession with Diet Chatter: Heal from the Inside Out,which is all about our faulty thinking.

I shared my journey on how I moved from an overweight girl with an eating disorder (Binge Eating with Bulimia through Exercise) and food addiction to a clinical psychotherapist/addiction psychologist helping people.  It was surreal listening to myself tell my story of where I was and where I am today.

I also shared the ups and downs of the patients I’ve worked with over the nearly 25 years of private practice and thirteen years prior to that, working for Weight Watchers of Greater Miami.

I  shared my challenges on the difficulty to stay focused in school in my younger years to really struggling with my body image from middle school forward. At that time there were no psychotherapy venues like we now have today for those suffering with eating disorders. Back then, I agonized in silence alone. Nobody knew.

Today when I work with patients I can see the look in their eyes of fear from what they are about to tell me. I’m convinced they’re thinking I won’t “get” it or that I’ve never heard such things, or worse that I couldn’t possibly know what it’s like to walk in their shoes. Ahh, but I do.

And boy when they realize I do understand and “feel” what they’re feeling the relief in their body posture is instant. The arms that were locked tight with resistance  release  as they lean back on the couch and exhale their relief. Relief that they are not alone and that they have help.

Eating disorders are a lonely road for the eating disordered. Sure today there are many treatment facilities with lots of different philosophies, all beneficial for sure…but sometimes those with the food addiction are misunderstood. Or the understanding with the impact on our thinking  from processed foods themselves can cause such faulty thinking.

I was honored to share some answers for those who might be lost out there like I was. I was honored to talk to Dr. Rankin because he knows all to well about the eating disorders and weight issues of America. He worked for years with a group known as TOPS, Take OFF Weight Sensibly, right around the time I was with Weight Watchers. He’s penned  two phenomenal books (and other writings as well). The two that caught my attention are:  The Tops Way to Weight Loss: Beyond Calories and Weight Loss and I Think Therefore I Am Wrong: A Guide to Bias, Political Correctness, Fake News and the Future of Mankind.

Both books resonate with me on so many levels.

I shared with Dr. Rankin how my first book, Release Your Obsession with Food: Heal from the Inside Out,  discussed food addiction and how we need to get the food right in order to quiet the stinking thinking, which is my second book, Release Your Obsession with Diet Chatter: Heal from the Inside Out and then combining those two books you are armed and ready with my third book, Release Your Obsession with Cheat DAZE: Heal from the Inside Out in order to understand that the one “cheat day” mentality is the one that will take you down back to square one with food addiction rearing its ugly head. And then my fourth book, due out in September, for my birthday is about the fear of aging, Release Your Obsession with Aging: Heal from the Inside Out. How appropriate to ring in my birthday with a book on aging!

For sure the eating disordered are heavily focused on body image which often morphs into the concerns about the aging process. All rolled into one they are.

My motto has always been, rather than think about what you can’t eat think about what you can eat—AND I ASSURE you It’s plentiful…and satiating.

Stop dieting and start eating. Yes, I say eat. Too often we try and quiet the binge monster by not eating—which is the worst thing you can do. Eat and eat plenty, just make sure the food you eat is real and not processed. Each meal must be balanced with the proper food groups. Restricting from eating well balanced foods, eating small portions or not eating at all often leads to discontent then ultimately out-of-control eating because you are starving and your mind and body are screaming for food. Starving and restricting are not the answer.

Check out Dr. Howard Rankin’s Podcast: How to think about …the Chatter in your Head about your Weight and Body Image.

Stay tuned…you never know where my mind will wander…

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Dr. Lisa

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