Is Social Media Getting to You? – Dr. Lisa Ortigara Crego

Is Social Media Getting to You?

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Social Media enthusiasts reminds me of little troops of ants all going in one direction and then one ant gets distracted and turns off in a different direction to get a little crumb of something …and soon they all, one by one, like little obedient soldiers, follow in perfect step as each turns off to follow the one ant making his way to new territory.

Think of it like Facebook, to Twitter to Instagram and then a little Snap Chat and a dose of LinkedIn.

Yep, we are little ants following one by one, marching to the next new beat.

Are You a Follower…

Are you a little ant following everyone? It’s time to figure out where you want to land and feel good in that place. Many of my friends are writers, while others are friends from long ago, some are patients of the past, present and maybe even future, along with readers of my blogs and books, each making their way up and down the different roads of Social Media. Several of my friends and followers are switching gears and going from one social media platform to another.

Countless patients are caught up with not looking like this one or that one; or being happy like this one or that one. I say, if it starts to get to you stop. I know many who scroll through Facebook day in and day out looking for something. Ask yourself, what are you looking for? What do you think you are missing? Are you looking for friendship? Are you looking for sales? Are you looking for recognition? Or, are you looking to see if so and so has it better than you?


Maybe you’re like me and you’re looking for connection. Or maybe you’re looking for ideas—or just maybe you are looking for a place to share. All good. But, don’t get too comfortable because nothing stays the same.

We are in changing times. Nothing stays the same forever.

And if you’re like me change is uncomfortable, yet, like the little ants, we follow. We may not be good with change but we are good to follow.

Take your own road –take your own path and carve it out to fit what you need and you will find yourself happier and more content.

What brought this on? Why did my mind wander to this topic? I was walking along the seaside with Southern Grace, my White Swiss Shepherd the other morning, while tuned into Joanna Penn’s podcast,  Pintrest and Instagram for Writers with the guest Frances Caballao and Joanna mentioned in her opening something about Mail Chimp changing, and that lots of people were unhappy about this. Sheer panic set in as I listened, walking a fast clip, sweat dripping down my forehead into my eyes stinging, squinting to see.

My first thought was, oh my goodness now I need to find another place to harvest my email list. But, then I thought  maybe I don’t have to follow the ants to a new home, I can simply adjust to the new plan.

Should I Stay or Should I Go…

We have to move with the change or stay the same and be left behind. I decided to be the little ant that stays with the chimp. All good.

What are you thoughts on Social Media? Have you moved to Instagram with the other little ants or are you sticking with Facebook? Or do you find yourself navigating like me between four or five different social media channels? How’s that working for you? I would love to hear from you…maybe you’ve had a different experience.

Stay tuned…you never know where my mind will wander….
Hugs to you… I care…

Dr. Lisa

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