Time to be Still! – Dr. Lisa Ortigara Crego

Time to be Still!


And now here is my secret, a very simple secret:

It is only with the heart that one can see rightly;

what is essential is invisible to the eye.

~Antoine de Saint-Exupery


One of my favorite moments in life was sitting in the “Florida Room” in my Mom’s home up in Wautoma,Wisconsin. Early in the morning I loved to go out to the octagon shaped room, surrounded by oblong windows giving an outdoor feel, with a mug of hot decaffeinated coffee and sit in the silence. There are always deer and exotic birds that entertained me as I sat and looked out. I liked to think of this room as the “meditation” room. A place where I got quiet with my thoughts. A place where I was in prayer. A place to be still, a sort of meditation/self-hypnosis feel.
Yes, I did say self-hypnosis. I find self-hypnosis to be one of the most powerful tools every person has access to. We can all sit quiet and go into the subconscious mind and suggestions we implement can take  hold.
The mind is powerful.
I can close my eyes right here in South Florida as I type this piece and go to the “Florida Room” in Wautoma, Wisconsin and see those very same deer grazing and walking through the morning dew. It was a glorious day that last time, so long ago! I felt so serene and connected to the universe just looking out into the wide array of forestry and open land. The very place I used to ride Pasha, my white palomino during my teenage years, looking for quiet and stillness.
It was that very day (twenty plus years ago), in the “Florida Room,”  I meditated and self-suggested while ingesting the morning glory my goals and inspirations. I visualized where I wanted to be years from now. I imagined earning my doctorate in psychology, teaching at a university, and bringing my work to the Internet all while writing books in a way that could reach everyone.
I believed from the core of my being, but there was one small problem, I was in major debt from student loans and credit card debt and it would take years and years to accomplish these dreams.  Pushing away the negativity I mapped it out in that very room in a notebook then closed my yes and imagined it was all possible if I put it out there in the universe, prayed, and believed.

And then I let it go–Let go let God…


It all came into fruition. If it happened for me it can happen for you too. Of course it’s not going to come to you as simple as wishing upon a star, but if you put your dreams in motion they can come to be. Think of it like a reset and watch the miracles unfold.
I work with patients with many different needs and one that often pops up is a feeling they are not living their life on  purpose, coupled with if only I were thinner, smarter, younger, luckier…and on it goes….
They feel stuck.

To move forward and conquer fears make a plan, believe in something greater than you, and perhaps seek a therapist who can work with you through psychotherapy and self hypnosis.

      Dream Big!

Psychotherapy begins where the patient is and from there we build dreams and opportunities. Sometimes it’s only using talk therapy, other times cognitive/behavioral therapy and sometimes it’s self-hypnosis. Often it’s a combination of all three.
Talk therapy is talking freely and  gathering information for us to examine, where cognitive is looking at the thought process and the way a  person thinks, behavioral is changing or adjusting behavior and last self-hypnosis is relaxing the patient and making strong suggestions we both agreed upon before hypnosis begins. All work independently or in concert.
The treatment that gets the most attention is hypnosis. The idea that change can happen through suggestions is fascinating for most. Of course a trained mind can relax and make the dreams come into fruition on it’s own like I did way back in Wisconsin meditating on my wishes, wants, and dreams.
I had a patient ask me the other day if I thought anyone could be hypnotized. As I pondered the question for a moment I answered yes, as long as the person is not suffering from brain damage or severe mental illness. I think the big misunderstanding is that hypnosis is losing control over your mind, when in fact it is actually the opposite. Rather, hypnosis is the training of your mind. To be able to get to a relaxed state and redirect your thinking. Over my two decades of conducting hypnotherapy I have seen remarkable results. The mind is an amazing thing…and it will take you wherever you want it to go with a little imagination and creativity.

Dream Big

Often when a patient comes to me for self-hypnosis I ask them to find a place in their mind that brings them serenity. A place that is peaceful and safe. It could be as warm and fuzzy as walking through a field of flowers, or strolling barefoot on the beach feeling the warm sand between your toes, or curled up on a couch reading a good book near the fireplace with a crackling fire warming your feet, or playing with puppies. Everyone has a place or two that brings such joy.
Another place of serenity for me was as child taking a nap on the back porch in Chicago with my dog Cuddles. I can remember the smell of the closed in porch and feel the breeze on my skin from the opened windows, bringing in the smell of cherry blossoms  on a beautiful Chicago summer day. Those were magical moments.

My View from the “Florida” Room: A Time to be Still

We all have a special place that allows us to embrace pure peace and harmony. And if you can’t find one make it up! You can conjure one up from a picture in a magazine or a place you saw on television. The subconscious mind does not know the difference between real and pretend. It is for this reason you can imagine yourself thin and free of your eating disorder (or whatever concerns you have) and the mind will grab the image, even if it is not real…yet. Dream big!

I knew that magical morning in the “Florida Room” my life was going to evolve even greater than it was. I knew I was going to grow my practice beyond South Florida. I was ready for a reset. Just planting the seed and believing in my work set the wheels in motion. I’ve written three books teaching how to release your obsessions from food, diet chatter, and cheat days, with a fourth coming soon  on releasing the obsession with aging.

Today, I have realized my dreams and continue to each and every day. Life is magical and promising. I feel as serene as the deer in the woods…living in the now…enjoying the moment. When my day is filled with busyness (and it often is), I close my eyes and go where ever I want my mind to take me. And of course one of my “getaways” is looking out at the wildlife from the “Florida Room” in Wautoma, Wisconsin.
Do you have dreams? If you could do anything you wanted what would it be? Do you find you are living the life you always dreamed of or are you settling? Maybe you are doing fine, we’d love to hear from you too? We can all learn from each other.
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I look forward to hearing from you!

Hugs to you, I care!

Dr. Lisa
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